Robb the Robot Guy is a research and advisory firm supporting all participants in the robotics industry.

We empower you with the knowledge to make business decisions with confidence by providing research-based insights on robotics.

We focus on the requirements of three groups:

  • Manufacturers, suppliers, and business service providers – who require research and insight into buyer needs
  • Buyers of robotics technology and services – to guide their acquisition decisions
  • Investors – who need to ascertain technical and market viability

This focus, plus research as a foundation and reach into a community of domain experts, business executives and innovators through social media and media partnerships, provide us with the capability to possess a high-value, low-risk way to understand the business and technology environments..

Robb The Robot Guy® is a registered trademark and brand name.

While we are technologists and thrilled by the attention on the robotics market, we are analysts first and foremost. We understand that using robotics technology must be linked to tangible benefits for users.

To support our clients, we are focused on identifying and analyzing:

  • Use cases that generate an ROI and the underlying adoption drivers that provide a basis for the use of robotics technology.
  • The latest operational / business challenges and best practices within the robotics provider and user communities.
  • Technology demands within the robotics provider and user communities, as well as the vendors who are ideally positioned to meet the demand.